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True transformation
comes from a change of mindset.
And that change of mindset
is born out of a leadership process.

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Why Singulares?

Evidence of world transformation is clear, everything is dramatically moving towards new operational models. Thousands of paradigms fall apart and new ones emerge.
That’s how things will continue to be from now on.

The linear view has definitely been left behind. In that context, how do we adapt and transform strategically towards new ways of building a company?

All organizational systems are made up of people, and in turn, each one of them is a system. At Singulares we work with processes, people and their interactions. They are the ones that change organizations.

We are revered in the spaces of strategic consulting for change management, organizational development and talent strengthening. We specialize in the transformation of companies and in the management of complex systems by developing human potential and their interactions, as only they are the ones that can change organizations.

We listen

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We can help
and we want to help.


of people work in something that they don´t like.


of people enhance their chance of success when undergoing a transformational process with a change management methodology.


of people resign their jobs because of bad leadership.

You and your

can better lead these statistics.

To be B means redefining the meaning of success, generating global impact from a global perspective. This redefinition involves measuring the impact of cause and effect with a 360° view when considering the concepts of: Environment, Workers, Governance, Clients and Communities. That is how we generate a circular economy of impact from a new systemic, regenerative and conscious model, in which profitability is only one of many variables from which a company adds value to the world. We strongly believe in this new way of building and inhabiting our world, in which we are the change that we want to see. To transform ourselves in order to transform, to lead ourselves in order to lead. People no longer buy what others do: they buy why they do it.

At Singulares, we take care of all our stakeholders.

Most of all, we develop the people that are a part of a team. A team with a culture based on constant leadership, continuous learning, and an environment that stimulates career projection. We do so by walking alongside one another with coaching, development plans, benefits, insurance, flexible hours, home office and health.

We have a clear approach to pay scales and ways of distributing profit, as well as possibilities of being a part of new projects or spinoffs.

On the other hand, we have a strong commitment to our community and the underprivileged who have less access to spaces of growth, knowledge, leadership and development tools. It is for these reasons that we develop programs for them.

We are very transparent with all our company’s financial information, we have expedited communication channels and we are advised by a board of directors that guide us towards continual improvement, with a greater 360° impact.

Finally, we have a policy for recycling and energy consumption monitoring.

The certification for a B Corp is granted by B Lab, a non-profit organization based in the United States. In order to be certified, an Impact Evaluation is taken at https://bimpactassessment.net/, and up to 80 points can be awarded. This certification is renovated every three years, at which point continuous improvements in terms of triple bottom line impact performance must be presented in order to keep the certification.

Companies that certify as a B Corp aren’t perfect, but make a continuous commitment towards improvement and place their entrepreneurial and socio-environmental purpose at the core of their business models. They measure and analyze a company’s five most relevant areas: Governance, Workers, Clients, Community and Environment, allowing for a careful review of all of them. They have the aim of helping to identify all possible improvement points and opportunities to be agents of change in the economy, protecting its mission and strengthening its triple bottom line impact.

What score did Singulares get in the last survey for Impact Evaluation?











If you are interested in becoming a B Corp, we can help you here



We know our clients. We value long-term relationships. As a company we enjoy human to human connection. This helps us develop understanding that goes on to allow us to develop empathy. We hence shift our perspective from management towards leadership.


La información de calidad es imprescindible para la toma de decisiones efectivas. Te invitamos a leer qué está pasando en el mundo en general y en el mundo Singulares, y esperamos que esta información te sea de valor.

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