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Singulares is a B Corp company. We not only pursue profitability, but we also operate towards a triple bottom line: economic, social and environmental sustainability.

It's not just about what we do, but also how we do it and the purpose of our doing.

At this point, we would like to share all our activity that is aligned with our purpose of impact.

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How do we support our community?


Empowering micro entrepreneurs of Chiloé, Dalcahue.

We firmly believe in collaboration when it comes from a solid foundation and from a strong, attractive and vigorous vision. To collaborate “effectively” is to do so with those who want to collaborate. With those who you sense have a common pulse, and especially extraordinary divergences that allow you to achieve remarkable things.
We walked with the community of Dalcahue in Chiloé through the development of their talent and teams. We assisted them in their project of lamb commercialization within their denomination of origin. We discovered their strengths, mapped out the path, broadened our views, structured a plan, we discovered blind spots and we pushed towards a new way of interaction. We did all of this so we could fully integrate them into their roles and empower them to take ownership over their self-responsibility.


Commercial strategy for economic sustainability

Fundación Legado Chile operates in Chile’s Lakes District, “Seeking to stand out in Chile in terms of conservation, acting as managers, facilitators and articulators of initiatives focused on generating a permanent change in the conduct of people. Through this, seeking to contribute to a country where nature can prosper and integrate into a society that understands, values and sustains it”. It is made up of a transdisciplinary team of young professionals, committed to Chile and its natural environment. For Legado, conservation does not mean to keep people away from nature: it is an opportunity to establish sustainable bonds.
For Singulares, such initiatives represent an important motivation for coexistence. We therefore built an alliance, conducting pro-bono activities that promote the development of this alliance.
In this opportunity, we conducted an organizational diagnosis, and then elaborated a strategic commercial plan that facilitated their connection to key players amongst the local industry. We generated spaces of economic sustainability and linked all of our knowledge in the areas of people, training, learning, transformation and change.


Foundation for Education

If we look at our purpose, we couldn’t be more aligned. To us, everything we do is an opportunity to generate a moment of consciousness in which the way we look about things is transformed. You go on to understand things in a new way, a way that aligns with your own life. That’s why learning to learn and integrating these learnings in a holistic way is crucial when adopting a conscientious strategy for leadership and learning. This is what differentiates human beings from oneanother: our ability to connect with wider learnings and align ourselves with our life purposes’. To do so to make it all a reality.
This is why education is so important to us. We believe that learning is a critial factor for human development.
When we talk about learning, we talk about how we learn to learn. For us, this process is an artform. At Fundación PATA we have contributed in the search of people that can align to the organization and can work aligned to its purpose.


Commercial growth and brand positioning

We believe that through micro entrepreneurship, people undergo a process self-discovery and gain dignity.
To grow is synonymous to generating the wonderful understanding that “we are able”. It’s not only rational or cognitive learning, but a 360 learning, in which our body learns to feel that they are able, and our senses open to new challenges.
It’s important to consider a venture as an achievement, and not just as an element for necessary for survival: this makes all the difference.
As we have already mentioned, to achieve this, is a part of connecting with the fact that we are able, that we are able to go beyond what we thought: it means feeding with our hands, it is telling the world that we want to connect with it in some way, offering with our hands what we want to do.
This is how we walked with our dear Margarita through a series of coaching sessions and business advising. Most of all, we walked with her with and loved on her through hard times. She is strong woman, big and small at the same time, a this was a wonderful learning process that gave us the desire to relive the experience time and time again.


Service Community Open Leadership

Our Coaching School has given us the possibility to nurture from thousands of different perspectives. We have learned to manage our challenges and lessons, and we have learned to adapt to the world in order to “fit in”, since whether we like it or not, all humans do this on an unconscious level.
It is interesting how after a coaching experience that allows ourselves to align, that adaptation vanishes or becomes just another lesson, and we don't find its true value or potential. It is like saying “this is too easy for me, and I get paid for it”. Everything comes full circle and we can look at different strategies that maybe we didn't see before.
We were part of Feria Conecta Puerto Varas, where we offered free coaching services to entrepreneurs that were seeking to make their dreams come to reality or make these grow. We impacted our local community with over 30 hours of coaching. We firmly believe that it is essential to install in organizations to the concept of going GLOCAL. A global view with a regional impact.


Days of kindness

Visión Amable invited us alongside with a larger group of people, to organize the days of kindness event. It has been taking place for four consecutive years. In it, the community is a main actor as they learn to bond and relate to others.
Every year, thousands of neighbors of the Llanquihue lake community gather aroundone another to share in the concept of kindness, learning and developing tools to lead a different form of community. They learn to generate spaces for conversation, empathy and joint construction. It is a true challenge: to generate trust in one another. We are fully committed to this grand and beautiful project, which in turn has resulted in a more happy and bonded group of human beings.


Open leadership

We always say: “It's essential to have a global perspective with a regional impact”.
The butterfly or domino effect is not trivial when talking about leadership. Learning is contagious, our impact expands and we can generate a tsunami elsewhere.
Our strength as humans are impressive and so is our capacity to generate important changes in the whole world. But are we really aware of that impact? How much do we really know about leadership and its applications?
We all carry an important message, and it's interesting to let it come out. This is why Singulares offers free workshops to the community, delivering tools that can be used by every member of the community and by the community as a whole. This framework gives us a space of gathering to go on to make our potential blossom.


Leadership in entrepreneurship

The Chilean Entrepreneurs Association ASECH, gathers hundreds of entrepreneurs from the whole region. We love looking at the process as a personal growth process, that challenges us to look at ourselves for who we are, as well as our need to learn. The key concept here is “to need”.
When we talk about needing, we stop for a moment and think about the things that prevent us from moving on. The word “need” comes from the denial to advance, to move on, so when declaring a need, we’re declaring “our will to stop for a moment and find out what is holding us back, what is stopping us. This is how we can understand it and incorporate it, satisfying this need and moving forward to where we want to be”. When we start a venture, our needs and those of our clients are essential.
As members of the Regional Directory of ASECH and at Singulares, we promote talks and workshops focused towards the “need” for regional entrepreneurship.


From Patagonia to the world

One day, we were asked if we were a B Corp. We had no idea what that meant. Later, in 2017, Singulares certified as a B company.
We did not fully understand the concept, but we knew that, even though we weren´t a B Corp yet, we had the intention to become one.
What does it mean to be B?
It means having a business model of impact, that generates conscience about the impact that everything we do has here and now, for the community, our employees, the environment, clients and for the general way in which a business is articulated.
After becoming B certified, we launched B Patagonia with other companies of the region, a meeting point for all B Corps that have a triple impact in the region.
We decided to participate in this community in order to increase its potential, to reach more areas, to bring others to the table, to generate an impact from our doings. This also means to embrace our pains as a society, as humans, as people. In this way, Singulares contributes month by month and year by year to build community and generate transformation.
Today, we are global representatives in the B movement, and we formed the first MOU with B system in Chile, which places us in a scenario of greater responsibility.



We know the concept of “collaboration” and how we can build a new world together. To do so from a different perspective without competition that helps us to prioritize that which most important.
This is how the Impacta Network was born, an associative project formed by seven B Corps that believe in a new economy: the economy of common good.
The Impacta Network is currently being launched and Singulares has a role in the areas of consulting and training in others in triple bottom line impact.
We are happy to be a part of this new paradigm. A part of the construction of a new model of being and forming of a company. At Singulares, we believe that leadership comes from doing. To dare and try walking on new paths.


There’s everything for everyone

We have taken part in many actions that benefit the community. During the Professional Coaching World Week - and in the context of the expansion of the Professional Coaching International Federation- we set out to lead in the offering of a program for all our district.
Singulares put togehter a number of volunteer coaches and fa space for facilitated a space for growth in both personal and professional development arenas. This took place during a whole day.
Participants chose the talk or go to a workshop of their interest. This gave them the opportunity to live out a conscientious leadership experience and to advance on a journey towards broadening possibilities and increasing their skills. Our commitment to continuous learning is part of our essence, and the delivery of life skills is an essential element towards our processes of change.


Building a reality

In 2019, we went to worldwide B Corp gathering in Mendoza, Argentina. The motto of the meeting was “The power of the market in the face of inequity and climate crisis. Redefining the sense of success in the economy”.
Our commitment towards being a B Corp started many years ago.
We really didn’t know that we were one until we learned about the B system. We were told about how our company fit the model. At that point, we had developed many aspects as a company that allowed us to effectively become B certified.
This is how we started our B crusade. It’s true: being a B Corp transcends a certification. It is at the core of the business, at its heart, in how we conceive the world, in how we want to build the economy. It is a way of looking at life.


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