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Personal / Professional

We believe in the power of personal development for the promotion of systemic change.

It all starts with the person. Their concerns and their willingness to take ownership over these. Their courage to jump into the wonderful deep waters of learning and to emerge from this process fully renewed. No one can lead others without leading themselves first.

Our programs will allow you to activate a powerful transformational process within yourself. A process that will be your biggest asset for going on to walk with others. It will generate a mobility towards stepping into other spaces, leading projects, people, ideas and ultimately achieving results. There are no limits!

*Our programs are certified and validated by the International Coaching Association.

At Singulares, we are experts in learning processes. Leadership is a dynamic exercise that is learned every day, and needs continuous learning and guidance.

Method / Starting Point

From that starting point, we invite our program participants to experience a three-tier learning experience.

A first moment which is linear, a second moment which is transformational and a third moment with systemic. This is how ontological, executive and systemic coaching come together in one program.

This is how ontological, executive and systemic coaching come together in one program.

The first-tier deals with the understanding of the person for who they are, and how they can develop all their potential for achieving results.

The second-tier deals with the person’s interactions within work teams.

The third-tier observes patterns, paradoxes and cycles within environments in order to rapidly orient the learning in these environments towards results We highlight a systemic perspectives of cause and effect, and facilitate spaces where systems can go on to be administered through new leadership and a change in mindset.


Professional Coaching
Certification Program (PCP)

International Certification Program based on the eight competencies coaching. It is endorsed by the International Coaching Federation and ACTP certificate.
Our powerful program delivers a dramatic 360° transformative experience.

in Management Skills

Program for executives who wish to learn how to lead systems and development teams who generate learning on three levels of action. The Certificate offers students the opportunity to direct knowledge, theory and experience towards management and systemic decision-making processes.


What our clients are saying

We connect with our students and walk with them on a transformative journey that leads them to encounter the best version of themselves. They can then go on to share it with the world. Transform oneself in order to transform.

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