Executive Leadership

The interesting thing about acquiring new talent is finding a person who is able to read the system, to navigate it at the necessary speed or rhythm, and then go on to add value to the organization: people who are one with the core of your business.

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Talent Acquisition
and Executive Search

We search for executives and professionals for companies. One of our largest assets is our large and extensive network. We believe in long-term relationships and the ties we build with our clients. Finding a professional is more than a single exchange: it is a cause and effect process.



Executive Coaching
and Career Development

We coach to deploy the executive potential and transformation. We do this to generate leadership, create and boost projects, manage systems and processes, develop teams, as well as construct career development plans.




A one-on-one program for people interested in making a change in their professional development, who are searching for a new challenge that can motivate them, nourish them and connect them with their intrinsic motivations. Through a personalized program, we work with a certified step by step coaching program, development guides, and action plans that are ready to be implemented. We connect and bring out the best in people through the opportunity join this program.




A one-on-one program for executives on a journey of professional development, delivering a 360° view of themselves and of their current moment, understanding systemic causes and effects that generate an action plan to boost momentum. We generate a thorough analysis of motivations, competencies, means, risks, and adaptability levels. We deliver personal leadership tools and we instill competencies with a personal action plan/development plan in a virtual classroom plartform. We generate networking, we connect opportunities, we train.



Potential Assessment

We evaluate, measure and detect people’s potential for a new professional challenges within a company’s succession strategy. We do so by using measurable methodologies for systemic risk, adaptability, skills-based approaches and lego serious play. These results generate an assertive approach towards the prediction of a person’s behavior.




We walk alongside newly recruited people, making their professional transition into the company more efficient, speeding up the adaptation process and adding value by a process alignment between the onboarded candidate with the company’s strategy.
Psycho-labor evaluations: we diagnose potential, in order to guarantee that every person that steps into a new position, possesses the necessary aptitudes, competencies and adaptive skills to successfully adjust to the new role.


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