Systemic Leadership

We guide companies and people towards the strategies that will allow them to fulfill their vision. We develop the abilities that can allow people to do what is always right for the team while engaging everyone in the process of strengthening of the organizations system.

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Management 3.0

Our program teaches people how to redefine the sense of leadership by having a central focus on systems management instead of people management. This new paradigm shift takes place via a series of dynamics and tools that we offer that lead to sustainable change. The rules of the game as we know it, go on to permanently be changed through the implementation of both theory and practice of agile management.



Employee Value Proposition

We build brand value for internal and external use in a company. We customize and package benefits, emotional salary and others, as a way of boosting talent attraction and searches.



Strategic Diagnosis 360°

We help take your company from its current state to its projected results. We do so by crossing data amongst a model of 4 basic leadership competencies and a model of leadership motivations and interactions. We then follow this all up with a plan of action.



Change Management

Cultural transformation program that walks with organizations through their new strategic challenges, their change of mindset and the implementation of a proven framework via the Change Management @Prosci ADKAR international certifications process. We execute a results-based model that hinges on a simple reality: change happens one person at a time.



Leadership Consulting

Effectiveness program with recognized methodologies that allow Directors and members of the high-level management teams to visualize organizational patterns and risk. We orient teams towards results via one-on-one systemic coaching thus achieving change in the organizational mindsets.



Consulting for Boards of Directors

We walk with boards through a process observation that does not directly intervene in company strategic decisions. We do so with a keen eye for the most subtle and revealing interactions inside organizational systems , interactions that are representative of the most profound problems within organizations.



Regional Consulting

We walk with and advise foreign organizations in the navigation of the Chilean market. We do so that they can more effectively implement a business strategy in the country. We are strategic partners and provide a reliable vision for multinational companies in Chile through a variety of services such as: talent acquisition, business partnering, intermanagement, organizational representation, executive coaching and regional management feedback. We are a bridge and a point of contact that help our clients’ strategic vision enter and take root in the Chilean Market.


Other Services