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Singulares Manifesto

We believe in the power of an instant. Not just of any instant, but of a unique one. A singular moment in which we suddenly see things in a different light. And then we know exactly what we need to do. We know who we are and who the other is. Just like that, the whole organization to which we belong, begins to align and becomes unstoppable. That's the kind of conscious leadership that we are a part of.

We firmly believe that this transformational process is necessary and inevitable in order to grow in an enduring and sustainable way. We work with people, since people are the ones that generate change within organizations. And it is because of them, that society as whole changes. Society, in turn, also changes people. Because everything is circular and interconnected. As we touch one element, the whole system goes on to be impacted. Everything is cause and effect. Once you understand this, everything is simpler.

How do we do it? We listen. We adapt. We build ties. We envision solutions and processes where others do not. Solutions that are always oriented towards results. We give our clients the very solutions they are looking for yet may not even know they need.
We are Singulares. No matter the challenge, we are there. There to encounter the moment that changes everything. The moment that allows us to get where we want to be.



Building value

Conscious leadership

We focus on people and their interactions. People are the real agents of change within organizations. We deliver tools and walk with them in their transformation and leadership processes. As a result, they manage to develop a strategic look towards themselves and the system as a whole. They go on to visualize the impact of decisions and gain consciousness about the consequences of these.


When our feelings, our way of thinking and our actions align, everything seems to flow. Coherent and strategic consciousness leads the unraveling of purpose.

Systemic view

We are a network, not a pyramid. We are interconnected and we build out of that interconnection. We construct ourselves and our surroundings. People change, organizations change. Organizations change and society change, and in turn society changes people. We all have infinite potential.

Empathic listening

We listen to our clients, we understand their possibilities, their willingness to grow, transform and change. We understand, and that understanding gives us flexibility to work alongside them. We connect on a human to human level, we generate strategies, we create new spaces, we visualize the impossible, we build enduring bonds, we grow and we transform.


Our goal is to provide substantial solutions to our clients’ needs. Though the may seem impossible, it is these solutions that we always find. This is why we are not afraid of being wrong. We know that the so-called “mistakes” mean substantial learning. We love challenges because we understand that they are essential for growth and transformation processes.


We believe in B corps and in their world view. As an organization, we are a part of a community and its surroundings. Our activity must be fully sustainable. We act in alignment with the ODS sustainable development goals, since we are convinced that it is the best way to achieve a full, long-term growth, installing triple bottom line strategies.

To be B means redefining the meaning of success, generating global impact from a global perspective. This redefinition involves measuring the impact of cause and effect with a 360° view when considering the concepts of: Environment, Workers, Governance, Clients and Communities. That is how we generate a circular economy of impact from a new systemic, regenerative and conscious model, in which profitability is only one of many variables from which a company adds value to the world. We strongly believe in this new way of building and inhabiting our world, in which we are the change that we want to see. To transform ourselves in order to transform, to lead ourselves in order to lead. People no longer buy what others do: they buy why they do it.

At Singulares, we take care of all our stakeholders.

Most of all, we develop the people that are a part of a team. A team with a culture based on constant leadership, continuous learning, and an environment that stimulates career projection. We do so by walking alongside one another with coaching, development plans, benefits, insurance, flexible hours, home office and health.

We have a clear approach to pay scales and ways of distributing profit, as well as possibilities of being a part of new projects or spinoffs.

On the other hand, we have a strong commitment to our community and the underprivileged who have less access to spaces of growth, knowledge, leadership and development tools. It is for these reasons that we develop programs for them.

We are very transparent with all our company’s financial information, we have expedited communication channels and we are advised by a board of directors that guide us towards continual improvement, with a greater 360° impact.

Finally, we have a policy for recycling and energy consumption monitoring.

The certification for a B Corp is granted by B Lab, a non-profit organization based in the United States. In order to be certified, an Impact Evaluation is taken at, and up to 80 points can be awarded. This certification is renovated every three years, at which point continuous improvements in terms of triple bottom line impact performance must be presented in order to keep the certification.

Companies that certify as a B Corp aren’t perfect, but make a continuous commitment towards improvement and place their entrepreneurial and socio-environmental purpose at the core of their business models. They measure and analyze a company’s five most relevant areas: Governance, Workers, Clients, Community and Environment, allowing for a careful review of all of them. They have the aim of helping to identify all possible improvement points and opportunities to be agents of change in the economy, protecting its mission and strengthening its triple bottom line impact.

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Our team

Our team

We are all one, regardless of the paradox of perceiving us as separate beings or different entities. We are a network, not a pyramid. We are interconnected and we build out from that interconnection. We build up ourselves as well as our surroundings. We operate out from the network, and we take action so we can transform reality.

To lead is not just to learn how to lead people,but to also learn how to lead whole systems. This is a tremendous challenge: to lead interconnections.

This is us:


At times, transformation is necessary.
Sometimes it is inevitable.

Through years of experience built with our clients, we have developed an inhouse methodology that aligns people and their processes. This ultimately has led to companies to align with their processes through a transformative journey.

When working with a lack of purpose or without a clear understanding of talent, people aren’t aligned with strategy, the strategy is not aligned to the results and competencies are not aligned to the challenge.

The transformation and learning journey allows us to go through instances of mapping and understanding. This in turn creates the space for us to develop more quality knowledge. It allows us to better understand the person.

To understand the leader. To understand the organization.
To understand how the system moves.
To understand the context: where the world is heading, and walking with people through a transformation process. A process that leads towards results, accepting errors, generating a concrete plan with indicators, strengthening abilities in a systemic way, and by realizing that every action has an impact. All of these things lead to change.

Through a collaborative and systemic development we reach strategies that allow us to advance from the initial place to the projected place. To stay ahead of new scenarios. To declare challenges. Singular moments that ignite the initial spark for unavoidable transformation.